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Site is located on Mccallum Way, just west of Landau Blvd., in the Cathedral City, CA.

14 Approved & Partially Improved Single Family Lots for Luxury Homes

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Overview: REFLECTIONS AT CIMARRON (a.k.a. “VISTA PACIFICA”) represents one of the only partially improved lot and infill development opportunities in the Cathedral City and Palm Springs area, which fills a void in a highly supply constrained market environment in the West Coachella Valley. The property location is situated well near the Cimmaron Golf Course and Palm Springs International Airport. Adjacent homes with traditional architecture were recently built and sold with values now into the $1M’s, however the market suggests the modern “Palm Springs” architecture is preferred/higher demand and sells for a premium, similar to the District East in Cathedral City upwards of $475/sq. ft., which could yield total product price points here of $1.1M to $1.4M±.