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Site is located at the NEC Avenue 50 & Frederick Street in the City of Coachella, CA

20 Finished Single Family Lots

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Overview: Rancho Mariposa - Coachella provides a homebuilder with an opportunity to acquire 20 near-fully finished lots in an entry-level community with no homeowners association (HOA), and no property-specific communities facilities district (CFD). With the continued strength of the first time buyer, and the benefit of home pricing well-below the FHA loan limit. This opportunity at Rancho Mariposa is an attractive acquisition target for a homebuilder looking to deliver product starting in the $400k’s. The city of Coachella continues to offer the best value proposition for residents and homebuilders in the Coachella Valley. Rancho Mariposa is one of the few remaining opportunities in the Coachella Valley for a homebuilder to capitalize on the severe lack of new entry-level home supply, and is the only remaining available near-finished lot project in the City of Coachella.