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3724, 3728 & 3736 Randolph Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90032

+/- .52 Acres | +/-22,472 Square Feet
Potential 7 Unit Small Lot Project or 11 Units using TOC

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  • Property Overview: One of the last of its kind in the area, the subject site represents an opportunity to subdivide ±0.52 acres into a tract of approximately seven (7) residences, or up to 11 units via TOC. There will be views of the hillside community. You get the best of three, different worlds with this location:
    »» South Pasadena is just a couple miles away and has a more high end feel; shop at Bristol Farms or Pavilions. Check out hip places like Two Kids Coffee, Fiore Market Café, etc.
    »» Alhambra is a short distance away, and is perfect for family-related shopping: Costco, Target, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Party City and more.
    »» Highland Park is also very close by, and has become a renowned foodie destination for the various hip gastropubs, vegan spots, chef-driven restaurants, coffeehouses, etc. on the Figueroa and York corridors.
    This site is very centrally-located: whether one spouse works in Downtown LA or Hollywood, or another works in Glendale, Burbank or Pasadena – they are all close by.