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Site is located on Pierson Blvd, east of Karen Ave, in the city of Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Up to 64 Potential Multi-Family Units and/or Commercial on 4.24 Acres

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Overview: The subject prime 4.24 rare zoned acres on Pierson Boulevard (600 feet of frontage) provides the opportunity for up to 64 multi-family units and/or commercial near new major developments including the 2,000+ residential home Skyborne Masterplan. The City of Desert Hot Springs is booming, not only because of the current flee to well-located suburban markets with affordable housing, but also because of the fast growing cannabis industry in the city which is “ground-zero” here for the state of California. The City of Desert Hot Springs was one of the first cities to adopt pro-cannabis development policies including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail - which has just recently brought in thousands of brand new jobs to the city (which also creates a higher demand for new single & multi-family development), and millions of dollars of new tax revenue to the city. With the major new increased growth and advancement in city finances and jobs, the city has been awarded an “A+” rating (by California State Auditor), and Desert Hot Springs is now considered one of the most financially stable cities in the state.