• 32 AC NORTH WEB2

Site is located on the north corner of Avenue 44 & Harrison Street, in the city of Indio, CA.

32.87 Acres | General Plan “Suburban Neighborhood” Land Use – Up To 8Du/Acre Potential Build For-Rent, Or Single Family Homes

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Overview: INDIO is the 3rd fastest growing city in Southern California, and is endowed as the most populous city in the desert with 91,000 residents. Indio has become known both locally and across the nation as the “City of Festivals” with annual concerts and fairs breaking new attendance records every year. To keep up with the growing population, in the last six years alone, the city of Indio has invested more than $100 million in infrastructure including paved roadways, landscaping, and upgraded water & sewer treatment plants.