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Site is located just east of the Hwy. 86 on Avenue 52, in the city of Coachella, CA.

60 Acres | Previously Approved 206 Single Family Lots

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Overview: COACHELLA 60 ACRES AT AVENUE 52 is located just east of the Hwy. 86 / Avenue 52 exit which was previously entitled for 206 Residential Tentative Tract Map Lots (7,000 sq. ft. min in size), and can provide an opportunity as an investment property in the path of development, residential re-entitlement value-add, agriculture, or potentially cannabis cultivation (per City approval). The City has some of the best-selling residential projects in the entire Coachella Valley selling in the $300k’s to $500k range, contains the best fertile agriculture land in the valley, and is a pro-cannabis development city.
    Coachella is called the City of Eternal Sunshine not just for the climate but also for the strong family values that helped it grow from a modest farm town to an active community covering 29 square miles. Agriculture and light industry coexist within the city’s sphere with brand name companies like Coca Cola and Peter Rabbit Farms staking their spots. Ernie Ball Music Man, the venerable maker of guitars, basses, and strings makes its strings here and ships them to more than 200 countries worldwide. Long before its name became synonymous with the largest outdoor music festival on the planet, agriculture was the vital thread of the community’s fabric. A full 95% of dates grown here in the U.S. come from Coachella and neighboring communities. Grapes, citrus, corn, artichokes, peppers, carrots, and myriad other row crops grown here feed the nation. The Coachella Grapefruit is named for the city. The fruit was so important to the economy that a portion of State Route 111 is now called Grapefruit Boulevard. The main thoroughfare runs along what was once the Southern Pacific “Sunset Route” which is now a Union Pacific rail line between Los Angeles and Yuma. The boulevard connects more than 88,000 residents of rural and unincorporated communities nearby to services and activities in Coachella.
    The population is one of highest in the Coachella Valley, standing at 45,162 people. According to Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) and the Southern California Association of Governments (SVAG), will increase the population of the Valley to an astonishing 884,000 by 2035. This projection is a 99.4% increase from the 2014 population of 443,401 people. The subject property is one of few which had a previously approved Tentative Tract Map in the area which could fill the void for the current and future immense demand.