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Site is located North of Varner Road/I-10, West of Washington Street, South of Ave. 38, in the unincorporated area of Palm Desert, CA

+/- 190 Acres
95.2 Acres Residential (1,756 Units), 17.5 Acres Business Park (228,700 Sq. Ft.), 17.2 Acres Retail (187,300 Sq. Ft.), 3.1 Acres Hotel (200 Units)
6 Acre Park, 8 Acres Other Parks & Trails, 31.1 Roads & OS, 14.8 Acres Drainage Channel

Marketing Flyer

  • Property Description: “THE MIRASERA SPECIFIC PLAN” generally located north of I-10 and west of the Washington Street interchange, is one of the last vacant land properties along I-10 (with an impressive 3,250 linear ft. along I-10) in the center of the growing Coachella Valley region and includes uses ranging across all development sectors including Single Family & Multi-Family Residential, Hotel, Commercial, Business Park/Office, Work-Live, and amenities including a 6-acre park and 8 acres of additional trails and parks. The approved Specific Plan community design focused on a self-sustaining mixed-use community where residents and employees can live, work, and shop in the same urban village within a pedestrian oriented neighborhood. The project will provide a variety of housing choices that give an opportunity for residents with diverse income levels to live and work in the same community.